Casual Cool: Navigating Men’s Streetwear Trends

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Menswear evolves as precipitously as women’s these days. Contemporary trends reflect the exploratory zeitgeist of our times, with ambassadors like the estimable Harry Styles and Rami Malek pushing the envelope on red carpets everywhere. Some men’s streetwear tendencies are surging and affecting the wider fashion climate at the street level, so we’ll be talking about those specifically in this post.

The casual cool you aspire to is in the details as much as it is in the big picture. To navigate men’s streetwear trends successfully, hold these two thoughts in tension. In that focal tension is where you’ll find the almost accidental ease of casual cool.

An Extension of You: Accessories

Well-dressed men will be happy to hear that 2024 is the year of the accessory. This year, men’s accessories take on material scale, speaking to your inner peacock. What better time to sport a statement piece accessory?

Modern watches provide the perfect balance of professionalism and style. This year, the face of the watch is larger, following the general trend. 

Men’s accessories in 2024 are so much fun, it would be a shame not to explore all the possibilities to let that inner peacock out for a good, healthy strut. So, add mixed metals to your jewelry repertoire, slap a brooch on your lapel, and off you strut! Be the bold boy with the bling!

New Money, Athleisure Swag

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Photo by Anthony Fomin on Unsplash

To reveal the waistband of your boxers or not? I’d say “no,” but I’ve got reasons. One reason is that athleisure has become a menswear runway staple in recent years taking on fabrics, cuts, and styles that elevate the form well beyond mere comfort or sportswear. Athleisure is now the province of the elite at play. 

The New Money athleisure aesthetic plays tough with sporty separates, transforming them into “what you wear on the private jet to Dubai.”

I think that’s enough reason to keep the waistband of your boxers out of sight! Instead, send your message to the people in the street with two-teeth grillz that make it clear you’re not playing. A sleek tracksuit in velour cut to showcase your assets, a pair of shades from the House of Gucci, and you’re ready to take off with New Money swag.

Moto Madness

There’s no article of clothing more iconic than the leather biker jacket. Whether the classic 50s rocker or a motocross-style cut sleekly close to the body, the leather jacket is a huge player in men’s streetwear right now. And whichever of these classic looks you choose, the breadth and depth of the impulse is huge, presenting endless options.

Try classic Levi’s 501s with a shallow cuff over heavy biker boots for a rebellious take on your casual cool look. Add a heavy chain attached to the hand-tooled, leather wallet in your jeans pocket and hair pomade. You’re the leader of the pack, especially if you choose a classic flannel or cowboy shirt.

The motocross leather jacket look is a trimmer style, worn closer to the body. Racing jackets and T-shirts add a fast, sexy look to your wardrobe that translates well to the casual cool aesthetic you’re going for. Add a pair of brightly-colored Adidas in a classic 3-stripe style. Try cargo pants for this look, especially if they fit well. Don’t be shy, guys! You look good, so why hide your undeniable charms?

Get Real, With Selvedge Denim

photo of folded denim bottoms

Photo by Leighann Blackwood on Unsplash

One style influencer jokes that he sees, “Selvedge denim rising from its grave in 2024,” lifting with it the general quality of contemporary denim offerings. Selvedge is about as real as it gets, bringing the market much-missed durable quality.

Selvedge as an item of streetwear brings your casually cool look an overt rebellion against fashion by focusing on individual style. Ramp up that maverick effect by purchasing the raw fabric from a producer of integrity. Your custom jeans will be in the vanguard of a genuine tendency taking shape in men’s fashion this year, so get to the head of the line!

Selvedge denim sends the message that sustainable style transcends fashion’s fickle (and cyclical) seasons. With that declaration of independence comes a style impulse that’s keyed specifically to the wearer. Individual style is being restored to its rightful place in the fashion universe and only you can rock the street in your version of it. Let the outrageous, enduring quality of selvedge denim guide your style steps.

Bigly, Boldly You: Color!

Color is for everyone. Men who love a bold hit of color are in luck this year, as hues of ocean blue, deep red, and spring leaf green beckon. This year, these are fashion’s color forerunners for menswear over the warmer months. Let the exuberance of these pleasant seasons bring color into your life as never before.

There is hardly a more potent visual force available than your personal appearance. And while the force of your personality is no doubt impressive, just add color to see the heads turn. Avail yourself of the full palette of life as part of your style message to the world. Do it with street style expressed as knitwear, shorts, footwear, scarves, jackets, pants, or whatever you feel like wearing, fine sir! Like selvedge denim, fearlessly deployed color signals your membership in the fashion vanguard!

Take it athleisure or go Old School with this year’s continuing focus on the slim suit. Color and pattern figure heavily in men’s suits this year, so get as bold as you please, with slick looks that push the envelope in delicious, evocative color. Go forth and be bold!

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