10 Ways to Elevate Your Style: Luxury Fashion Tips That Work With Every Budget

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Luxury isn’t about a price tag. What feels luxurious to me may feel blah to you. As our needs and wants change, our tastes also change, and luxury can take on a whole new meaning. There are ways to feel luxe at every age and price point. Whatever your budget, you deserve some luxury in your life. We’ll show you some ways to have it!

Shop Resale

If there’s a specific designer piece you’ve had your eye on or a bracelet you just can’t live without, but they’re a little above your price point, consider buying used. Many luxury consumers like to have the latest accessories — be it shoes, bags, or jewelry — even phones. There is a website or resale store for every kind of luxury good. While it may seem counterintuitive, those luxury goods you’re dying for may have already been swapped in and out of someone else’s closet — and that’s an excellent opportunity for you.

Focus on websites and stores that specialize in reselling authentic, lightly-used goods on the cheap. The days of getting a “Fucci” or a “Gouis Buitton” in place of the authentic bag you ordered are largely gone. Reputable resellers will guarantee their items as authentic; if not, they’ll give you a refund. While not perfect, much of the risk has been taken out of the used luxury purchase.

Spend some time checking out web pages, return policies, and reviews, and talk to knowledgeable friends to learn reputable sources. And don’t be afraid to look in surprising places! Many resellers even use social media, such as Facebook groups and Instagram, to hawk their wares.

Rent, Don’t Buy

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When you have a big event coming up and you need that once-in-a-decade dress, like being invited to the wedding of the old flame who broke your heart, maybe it’s time to rent just the right piece. There are multiple sites with huge supplies of high-end designer, trendy, or wear-it-once statement-making pieces for rent.

You borrow the item, pay the rental fee (and often a deposit), wear the item, and send it back. It’s a great way to get that confidence boost knowing you look better than the bride at her own wedding.

Swap With Friends/Neighbors

At first, this might not seem like your first choice, but as you grow your luxury closet, it’s likely your friends and neighbors will grow as well. Organize a swap and shop night — or maybe a more luxurious evening to Switch and Bitch. Many of your friends will be delighted to get together to chat, drink, and look for new-to-them luxury items to trade. If your crew needs more motivation, bring in some medspa providers and leave with a new bag and a refreshed face.

Develop a Wardrobe of Better Basics

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A luxurious wardrobe can be attained by adding your own style to the basics. Your closet doesn’t have to be full of logos and diamonds; a classic wardrobe with pieces that fit well is better than sloppily donned designer duds. A crisp white button-down and a perfectly-fitted pencil skirt will look better than any ill-fitting designer suit. Add a unique shoe or a solid gold necklace, an extra ruffle, or a bit of sparkle you love, and your outfit will easily go from boring to banging.

Consider a Capsule Wardrobe

Capsule wardrobes are making a tremendous comeback. The idea is that your wardrobe is pared down to the most basic and versatile pieces. Instead of owning five different white t-shirts that all look sort of okay, invest in one or two quality blouses that look put together and last longer. You can spend more money on key items and look for quality over quantity. It’s also much easier to keep track of your wardrobe and avoid overshopping.

Once you know what you have in your wardrobe and what is missing, you can search out the specific item or accessory to fill a hole or really pop. Add a statement-making piece, like a motorcycle jacket that can be styled in many different ways for extra oomph.

This also helps to make sure that your pieces are current and in good shape. Nothing is more luxurious than a well-curated wardrobe with pieces you actually wear, that fit well, and are in excellent repair.

Get Crafty and Personalize

Luxury can be as easy as finding or making something unique. When you’re updating the home decor in your first apartment, getting an inexpensive mirror and bedazzling it with stick-on sequins looks (and feels) much more luxurious than its price tag. Maybe you have a cute sweater in your closet that you love but that just needs some tweaking. Well, it’s yours, tweak it! Add a belt, alter the neckline, make it unique — what’s more luxurious than a piece that is custom made to your taste and on your budget?

Find Out What Feels Luxurious to You

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For many, luxury isn’t about a brand name, it isn’t about a logo, it’s about the perfect color or the softest cashmere. What feels luxe to you is incredibly personal, so follow your own tastes. If you love to stay in and read a book in your comfy slippers, that’s your luxury. For some, luxury might be a fabulous meal out in your best dress. If a week lounging on the beach in chic loungewear is the utmost of decadence for you, take it. Your luxury doesn’t have to be anyone else’s.

Educate Yourself — Research, Research, Research

Love luxury items? Want to just drown in cashmere and LV? Get to know your brands. You may find that the red-soled shoes you once coveted aren’t right for you because they pinch your toes and rub your heels. You’ll be glad you didn’t spend a pretty penny on those bad boys just to take them back or sell them to a friend at a loss.

Some designer brands simply aren’t worth the price tag. As luxury goods go up, up, up in price, it seems the quality of some goods is doing the opposite. You can find a wealth of understated brands that don’t have a huge cult following (yet) but are putting out some of the most glamorous and high-quality items out there.

Learn the brands, their materials, their workmanship, and read their reviews. If you’re looking for a once-in-a-lifetime investment, make sure it’s The One!

Item vs. Upkeep

Surely you’ve seen people with loud designer pieces, be it a handbag, a necklace, or even a car. But what good are those things when you can’t go anywhere or do anything? A great handbag is fun, but if there’s no money in it and no place to go — who cares?! You may have the nicest car on the block, but if you can’t insure it or can’t afford gas, what good is it?

Find the luxury for you that is sustainable, that you will love, and that will last. If you love to have your nails on point, budget in a weekly manicure and pedicure, and forget the designer bag. Are you a sucker for the perfect skirt suit to rock at the office? Make that your indulgence. If luxe gym wear is your indulgence? Take it. Find the pieces with technical properties to last for the long haul; invest in quality items, and you may save money over time!

If You Want It, Get It

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Sometimes it really is all about the name. Maybe you want that designer perfume or you just want anything created by a certain fashion house; if you can, get it! You don’t have to start with a $30,000 handbag to get a taste of the brand; try their perfume, or lipstick, even nail polish. Sometimes just finding that small piece can scratch your designer itch. The beauty of designer makeup lines is that you can often get the holiday collections that come with a cute little makeup bag…and who says you can’t strap a crossbody chain on it and use it as an evening bag?

Luxury is in the eye of the beholder. Sometimes it’s hard not to get stuck on designer pieces, fancy logos, and sparkly jewels, but while those are lovely if comfortably attainable, luxury doesn’t have to be expensive. It’s all about priorities, budget, time-frame, and desire.


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